The success or failure of a call center depends on the management team. They are responsible for training and creating the environment that makes call center outsourcing an effective resource for companies that see service as a key brand differentiator.

TSD Global has 30 years of experience in developing managers for call center outsourcing clients. We’ll share some of our knowledge gained over the years in identifying and nurturing top performers to become leaders.

The place to look for successful candidates for a management team is within the pool of existing call center agents. Have a process in place to identify and develop future manager candidates so they are ready when you need them. Let candidates know they are being evaluated and identified for possible promotion.

Here are five steps to developing managers for call center outsourcing providers.

5 Steps to Call Center Outsourcing Management Success

Selection: Develop criteria to identify potential candidates for management development. Often, leaders will surface during the interview process and in the early days of training. Stars often shine early.

Factors to rank candidates:

  • Training performance
  • Interpersonal interactions
  • Coachability
  • Professionalism
  • Questions and Observations
  • Communication and motivation skills
  • Observation: Trainers and current managers should observe candidates abilities in various situations that reveal their commitment and motivation. Put them in situations that require critical thinking and strategic perspective to beyond the basics of the job.
  • Self-directed thinking regarding process improvements and personal performance
  • Ability to adapt to unfamiliar situations
  • Their attitude toward customer service – empathy is key
  • Their personal brand – is it consistent, capable and confident?


  • Shadowing: Have the candidates shadow their manager during their full daily routine. Let them see first hand the details and realities that go into leading a team of people and building a culture focused on excellence.
  • Observe positive interactions with call center staff and client contacts.
  • Become familiar with the metrics and analysis used to manage operations and agent performance
  • Develop candidate presentation skills through presenting learnings from the day and their analysis of the metrics relating to service level performance.
  • Review the candidates’ experiences and observations from the daily activities.

Develop Skills: Put in place programs and processes to develop management candidates, building on their strengths to encourage top performers. TSD Global’s training program is a recognized leader in the sales and customer service outsourcing space because it is focused on developing high-performance individuals who are equipped to succeed. Our training regimen involves role-playing, tests, product knowledge training and vocal training, as well as a shadowing period with current top agents.

Invest in Growth: Create both formal and informal opportunities and situations for candidates to develop their strengths.

For example, give candidates with strong teaching skills the opportunity to assist with training early in their tenure. Strong trainers are a vital component of an effective customer service outsourcing program.

  • Create a culture of learning, which includes room for failures and mistakes from outside-the-box thinking. View mistakes as teachable moments rather than reasons for punitive action.
  • Have the hard conversations regarding performance. Candidates will appreciate and benefit from candid, honest evaluations of their effectiveness, and concrete guidance for improvement.

The customer service agents are the face of your brand to your customers, so they should be guided and directed toward excellence. Partner with a customer service outsourcing provider that has a comprehensive management training philosophy that aligns with your organization’s culture.

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