How To Implement Live Chat with Customer Service Outsourcing

By Nick Tubis, Chief Marketing Officer

Sure, most everyone in the U.S. has a mobile phone. But most people don’t like to actually talk to other people on it, especially for customer service. That’s why live chat support is becoming a major support channel.

In a recent survey, E Consultancy found that 73 percent of customers were satisfied with live chat support. Makes sense. Live chat is fast, convenient, and near real-time but yet less intrusive than a phone conversation.

7 Ways to Improve Your Live Chat Support

Agent Training

Training is vital for effective live chat support. It’s a different environment compared to email or phone interactions. A higher level of software training is required to transfer a customer to appropriate departments or escalation levels, such as transferring to technical product support.

Agents must have a baseline familiarity with the products and service information and where it can be found on your website. Customers will engage in live chat when they can’t find what they need on the site, or have a pain point that requires help.

Live chat agents must master the tone of a trusted information source yet have a warm personal tone that reflects a genuine desire to help solve problems. Company voice guidelines ensure agents deliver a consistent brand experience but allow for an individualized tone to make the most of the casual interaction of live chat.

Drive Sales Goals

Live chat agents can coordinate with sales and marketing for sales conversion and upsell opportunities. The agents should have all the information on sales campaigns including special offers and package deals. Live chat intervention at key points can give customers the help they need to make decisions and decrease abandoned carts.

Up-sell Opportunities

Capitalize on live chat contacts during the purchasing process with well-timed, helpful intervention during product research and selection. With key customer information such as product browsing data and purchases, agents can provide customized product suggestions. With the right support, live chat agents can effectively increase average shopping cart amounts.

Reduce Cart Abandonment

One of the most effective uses of live chat is recovering abandoned carts. Total pricing — including shipping, handling, and taxes — is the primary reason for cart abandonment. Other reasons include comparison shopping and complicated checkout procedures.

Live chat agents can make contact with customers with items in the cart that haven’t finalized the order. Offering timely incentives such as limited time discounts or free shipping codes can save a sale.

Live chat prompts can be timed to customer behavior, such as customer camping on the account registration page after clicking the checkout button may have problems in registering their account. A live chat prompt can encourage the customer to ask for help.

Live chat is most effective in the time between the customers abandoning the cart but before they leave the site. In some cases, the presence of assistance via a chat window may be enough to motivate completing the order, even if the customer never actually makes contact.

Live Chat Measurement

Measuring the effectiveness of live chat required its own set of metrics. Agents and customers may be multitasking at the same time, so the length of interaction standards should reflect the asynchronous nature of the channel. Average resolution time will be different than phone support but the live chat metric will develop its own baseline. Track chats initiated by the client vs. those initiated by the agent through automated greetings or triggered contacts.

Live chat tends to involve a greater level of sales because the agents have more opportunities for customized product recommendations. Sales tracking will identify agents that excel at sales, revenues generated through live chat and other key sales measures.

Make the most of your omni channel customer service outsourcing by using live chat support to give customers a convenient and cost-effective channel for customer contact. With a targeted training and sales strategy, live chat can not only provide a high level of customer satisfaction but also create an effective sales channel.



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